Technical support

Whilst Oxford Cryosystems’ products are known for their reliability and ease of use, users may occasionally require advice on technical aspects of their system. Oxford Cryosystems has always enjoyed an enviable reputation for technical support and today our 2200 + systems worldwide are supported by our efficient technical support team. Simply email or call us today for advice and support.

Service Contracts from Oxford Cryosystems

Low cost of maintenance and ease of use make Oxford Cryosystems Coolers the most popular coolers for diffraction; however, in response to demand from our busy customers, we are please to offer a choice of pre-paid service contracts. Why not focus on your research and let Oxford Cryosystems look after your Cryostream or Cobra for you?

We can offer single or multi-year contracts for both new and existing Cryostream and Cobra systems. These all offer the reassurance of having one of Oxford Cryosystems’ trained engineers service your cooler and include all necessary parts to maintain your Oxford Cryosystems equipment in optimum condition.

Download the brochure on this page for more details on our Essentials and Extras service packages for Cryostream or Cobra. Whether budget planning for the future, or considering a plan for your current cooler, contact us now for a tailored quote.